“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 119:2,10,40


Happy are those who follow His commands,

who obey Him with all their heart.

With all my heart I try to serve You;

keep me from disobeying Your commandments.

I want to obey Your commands;

give me new life, for You are righteous.

– Psalm 119:2,10,40



I cannot offer sincere praise to God, unless I desire to obey His Commandments, and because I know that what He commands is to ensure that I have a safe journey in this life, then I am filled with joy!



“At all times, your heart and your lips should meditate on wisdom, and your tongue proclaim justice; you should always carry in your heart the Law of your God. Let us speak, therefore, of the Lord Jesus, who is Wisdom; and He is the word, the Word of God. For it is also written: ‘Open your mouth to the word of God.’ The one who repeats His words and meditates on them in his heart shows his longing for Him.


Let us always speak of Him: if we speak of wisdom, He is Wisdom; if we speak of virtue, He is all virtue; if of justice, He is justice; if of peace, He is peace; if of truth or of life, or of redemption – He is all these things.”   – St. Ambrose



Lord, I want to obey Your commands;

I want to be filled with Your joy!

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