“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 8:2,4-5


How great is Your name, O Lord our God,

through all the earth!


When I see the heavens, the work of Your hands,

the moon and the stars which You arranged,

what is man that You should keep him in mind,

mortal man that You care for him?

– Psalm 8:2,4-5 (Grail Psalms)



Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it wonderful, that God the Creator of the Universe should focus so much on us; take such special care of us; give us dominion over so much; and love us to the extent of sending His Son to save us.

Humble appreciation of how great man is as a creation, leads us to contemplate on the infinitely greater grandeur of God. But the proud and those who consider themselves powerful, reject God and rebel against Him.



“Lord, what is man that You should grant Him such importance, that You should take such an interest in him? You go so far as to send Your only-begotten Son to him; You infuse him with Your Spirit; You even promise him the sight of Your face.  And so that none of the celestial beings may fail to play their part in Your loving concern, You send the blessed spirits, the angels, to serve us and help us, making them our guardians; You appoint them our guides.”    – St. Bernard



Father in Heaven, how great is Your name. 

Your glory shines out on earth from Your dwelling place beyond the heavens.

Thank You for creating us in Your image.

Thank You for loving us as You do.

Thank You for giving us life

and for the grace of knowing You.

My God, I bow before You

and acknowledge You as my Maker, my loving Creator, my Abba.

Abba, how great is Your name!

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