“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 104:1-2


Bless the Lord, my soul!


Lord, my God, how great You are!

You are robed in majesty and splendour;

You are wrapped in light as in a cloak.

– Psalm 104:1-2 (Grail Psalms)



The soul, set free, yearns to bless and praise the Lord, who it passionately recognises as its Maker.

It is good, to grant our soul its instinctive desire to express joy in the Lord, but we seem to want to muzzle it sometimes, if not all the time. We need to ask ourselves ‘why?’ Often, one finds that we ourselves are the real reason. Often it is our self-centeredness that is the cause.

It is also good to feed the soul with the revitalising solid food of God’s Word – food which nourishes and strengthens and protects against corruption. What do we feed our soul with? Lust, envy, greed, pride, and more such like…which corrupt and defile the soul and undermines our faith.

As we feed our soul with the Truth and satisfy its spiritual yearnings, the eyes of our heart will open and we will place our full trust in the Lord as our entirety will see and proclaim how truly great He is!





Lord, hold my hand and walk with me and lead me along Your path

…and do not let me stray.

Bless the Lord, my soul! Alleluia!

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