“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 18:16




The Lord reached down from on high

and took hold of me;

He drew me out of deep waters.


– Psalm 18:16






For those of us believers who have already been there (in deep waters)

and who sought God’s help and recognised it

– we are blessed!

We know that it was His hand that drew us out.


But those of us who have already been in deep waters,

but feel let down because we believe that God forgot all about us

– we must stop looking inwardly

and, instead, look up to Him with humility and faith.


He will then show us that He had, in fact, pulled us out,

but that it was we who had never accepted our new circumstances;

we who kept dwelling on the past…and looking back.


If this is how we are,

then we need to go before God and ask Him to fill us with His Spirit

and give us faith, hope and trust.


He will!






Lord God Almighty, thank You for always being there.

Thank You for the plan You have for me.


Thank You for the number of times

You drew me out of those deep waters which almost pulled me down.


Forgive me, Lord,

for those times when I never came back to You to thank You for Your grace,

but instead sulked and even moved away from You

for not permitting me to have it my own way.


Lord, help me always trust in Your Love.


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