“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 6:68




Lord…You have the words that give eternal life.


– John 6:68






It is through staying loyal to Jesus,

through seeking to be more like Him

and through actively listening out for what He has to say to us

that we get to know Him much better and become more closely involved with Him:

St. Pope John Paul II tells us,

"Seek Jesus; endeavouring to acquire a deep personal faith that will inform and direct your whole life.

But, above all, let it be your commitment and your program

to love Jesus, with a sincere, authentic and personal love.

He must be your friend and your support along the path of life.

He alone has words of eternal life."






Jesus, You have the words that give eternal life.

Increase my faith, Lord, and help me be more like You.

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