“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Ezekiel 36:26




I will remove from you

your heart of stone

and give you a heart of flesh.


– Ezekiel 36:26






“Spaccapietre” (literal translation: “rock-breaker”)

– a very appropriate Italian word for a type of plant

that breaks up rock as it sprouts and grows.


Imagine a large mound of solid rock – immovable, impenetrable

…or so we think!


Some people can be, or appear to be, like that,

also…especially…in matters of religion and faith

…or so they think!


But God works in marvelous ways,

and He really wants us to believe

that such an apparently hard and solid rock can be penetrated, can be moved

…by something that we can do!


God doesn’t require any particularly physical exertion from me.

All He needs me to do is to grab that right and opportune moment when I can lovingly, yet almost surreptitiously, sow that tiny seed of faith.


It is so tiny, that when it is sown it is hardly noticeable…

yet all it needs is the smallest of cracks in that rock,

and in God’s time it will sprout.

Then, as it grows out of that crack, its roots will also expand

and that rock will break open

so that what was once barren, now bears life.

What was stone…is now flesh.






Father, I pray that I will never waste those opportunities

that You give me to scatter Your divine seed of faith.


Lord, help me sow Your love!


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