“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Genesis 15:1




"Fear not,

I am your shield;

your reward shall be very great."


– Genesis 15:1






What God said to Abraham He says to us,

each and every one of us,

individually, today, every day.


He knows us; He knows our fears;

and so He reassures us with a promise

that He is always there, as our shield, to protect us

– if only we stay behind Him.


God promises us a great reward,

and Jesus died on the cross to clear the way for us to obtain that reward.


Jesus is faithful and keeps His word…

and an everlasting life, in His Kingdom, awaits us.






My Lord and my God,

how anxious and broken I would be without You.


Thank You, most loving Saviour,

for the faith You have given me

and for always being there for me.

Thank You for Your reassurance,

and for Your protection,

and for Your saving grace.


I love You Lord,

and I want to carry on feeling Your eyes on me.

I want to carry on believing and knowing

that You are always there – for me.


Lord, You are my shield!


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