“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Isaiah 6:8




Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying:

“Whom shall I send? Who will be our messenger?”


I answered, “Here I am, send me.”.


– Isaiah 6:8 (JB)






Not many of us would think of ourselves as being called to be God’s “messengers”,

but in fact, we are.

It’s part of our carrying on the work of Jesus.


Christians are all called to take God’s message – the Good News, the Truth –

into the world,

into the human family,

into the lives of those to whom God sends us.


More often than not, God wants us to proclaim His Word not necessarily in words.

His desire, for most of us, most of the time,

is that we proclaim His way of love

simply by the way we ourselves live out His Word, in private and in public,

honouring Him and obeying His commandments,

and by the manner in which we love our neighbour.


God is, therefore, ceaselessly calling us to be His messengers of love, joy, peace and truth,

and our reply should be a generous and trusting response:

“Here I am, send me.”






Lord, here I am, send me!


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