“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Mark 1:15




Jesus said,

“Turn away from your sins and believe the Good News!”


– Mark 1:15 (GNT)




REFLECTION…by Pope Francis…



“Jesus persuaded people with kindness, with love,

and with His behaviour Jesus touched the depth of people’s heart

and they felt attracted by God’s love and spurred to change their life. […]


How many times we also feel the need of a change that involves our whole person!

How many times we say to ourselves:

‘I must change, I can’t continue this way …

My life, on this path, won’t bear fruit; it will be a futile life and I won’t be happy.’


How many times these thoughts come to us, how many times!

… And Jesus, by our side, with His hand extended says to us:

“Come, come to Me. I’ll do the work: I will change your heart;

I will change your life: I will make you happy.”


But do we believe this or not? […]


It’s like this. Jesus who is with us invites us to change our life.

It is He, with the Holy Spirit, who sows this anxiety in us to change our life and to be somewhat better.

Therefore, let us follow this invitation of the Lord and not put resistances,

because only by opening to His mercy do we find true life and true joy.

We only have to open the door wide, and He does all the rest.


He does all,

but we have to open wide our heart so that He can heal us and make us go forward.

I assure you that we will be happier.”






Come into my heart, Lord, and change it.

Heal me, change my life, and fill me with Your Truth and Joy!


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