“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 9:21




‘‘If I only touch His cloak,

I will be made well.”


– Matthew 9:21 (NRSV)






All I have to do

is just make that effort,

and seek out Jesus;

yearn to make contact with Him,

and to touch Him

– even if just the tip of His cloak –

and He will, in His own wonderful way, make me well.


Our faith in Him

renews us

and strengthens us.

If it is physical healing we need,

and if it is in His plan for us,

then we will be healed.


When He sees

the humble faith we have in Him,

He will heal us internally

and draw us to Him

and embrace us.


We will then begin to understand

and to accept

and to love

and to feel a return of that joy

that only He can bring.






My Lord and my God,

I will never forget the day

when I decided to put aside my pride

and to reach out to You and seek to touch You,..

and, especially, how You immediately embraced me

and healed my soul.


Lord, my prayer is

that my faith will remain strong,

and that I will always seek

Your healing grace

and accept that Your will be done.


For this I pray. Amen.






My Lord, my Healer!



YEAR OF FAITH 2012-2013



Very often in the Gospels people address Jesus as "Lord".

This title testifies to the respect and trust of those who approach Him for help and healing.


At the prompting of the Holy Spirit,

"Lord" expresses the recognition of the divine mystery of Jesus.

In the encounter with the risen Jesus,

this title becomes adoration: "My Lord and my God!"

It thus takes on a connotation of love and affection

that remains proper to the Christian tradition:

"It is the Lord!" (Jn 20:28,21:7)


[CCC 448]




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