“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 5:6


Jesus told the crowd, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled.”

– Matthew 5:6



In the language of the Bible, a righteous person is essentially one who sincerely strives to do the Will of God. God’s will is discovered in the commandments, in one’s duties of state in life (social, professional and family responsibilities), and through one’s life of prayer.

Our Lord is asking us not simply to have a vague desire for righteousness, but to hunger and thirst for it, that is, to love and strive earnestly to seek what makes a man righteous in God’s eyes. “…for they shall be filled.” – never was there a desire to be holy, honest and upright which God was not willing to satisfy.

If we genuinely want to attain Christian righteousness, God will fill us…and not just with that virtue, but, as a consequence of it, with all other good things, particularly with joy and peace, which are the certain effects of being righteous.

If I genuinely want to attain Christian righteousness, then I should make frequent use of the Sacraments; have an intimate relationship with God in prayer; and make a valiant effort to meet my social, professional and family responsibilities…and then I will ”be filled.”



I thank You, Lord,

for everything You have done to save me.

Glory to You, and honour and praise!


Lord Jesus,

to You I want to dedicate my life, my all.

Make me righteous, Lord,

and keep me faithful and true.

Make my whole life

an expression of praise and love,

and a reflection of Your glorious grace.


Fill me, Lord! Amen.

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