“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 27:1


The Lord is my light and my salvation;

whom shall I fear?

– Psalm 27:1



“The Lord is my light…” He is to me the source of light that guides and leads me. Darkness symbolises distress, trouble, loss of direction, and sorrow. Light is the opposite. God’s light makes our troubles disappear, and our way becomes bright and joyful.

“…and my salvation…” The Lord finds me in the dark, but He does not leave me there – He saves me and He sets me free.

“…whom shall I fear?” When I walk with the Lord; when I put my trust in Him He protects me; He defends me; – I can rely on Him…fully.

What better security is there than the conviction that the Lord, my God and Saviour, is my friend!



My Lord and my God,

You are my Light and my Saviour,

my Teacher, my Friend.


Lord, I place my trust in You, and I will walk with You

as You lead me through the dark moments of life with Your saving light!


Lead me, Lord;

fill me with hope, Lord;

show me the way, Lord.

You are my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?


I love You, Lord.

Thank You, Lord.

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