“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 8:51


Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever obeys My word will never see death.”

– John 8:51



Our Lord promises eternal life to those who accept His teaching and remain faithful to it.

The believer, the true Christian, lovingly receives the Word of the Lord Jesus – the Gospel; firmly believes in it; and gladly obeys it from the heart.

The believer, the true Christian, has a spiritual and comfortable experience of Jesus’ doctrine, and joyfully yields to Christ’s commands keeping and holding fast to them – in faith, love, and trust.



Jesus, thank You for Your Word which You shared with us,

and for Your Spirit who You have sent to teach us.


Lord, I greatly desire to do Your will,

and to love in the way You teach me to.

But, Lord, I need You to build my faith,

which constantly needs strengthening.


Lord Jesus, You know that I believe,

but please help my unbelief.

Fill me, through Your Spirit,

with determination, with knowledge, and with perseverance.

Remove from me all that is not from You, O Lord.

Fill me with love for every human person and every created thing

– for it is only through total and complete love

that I can know what it means to be called a child of God,

and can look forward to eternal life.



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