“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 1.19


“Joseph was a man who always did what was right.”

– Matthew 1.19



St Joseph “always did the right thing”, he was a man of God, a just man. God would show him what was to be done, he trusted in God’s guidance – and God did show him the way.

We are often in a state of uncertainty as to what will be the right thing to do. We fret and worry, and blame God for allowing this or that to happen to us. We must pray that like Joseph we will put our problems before the Lord, who will then tell us what is the right thing for us to do.

Joseph was a man who listened. No spoken word is recorded of him. He was able to hear God’s word; he knew how to be silent so as to allow God’s word to come through to him. In our world today we are surrounded by noise and distraction. Our spiritual “senses” become deadened by the intrusive noises of radio and television, of vehicles and planes. Is it any wonder we don’t hear God speaking to us? Let us ask St. Joseph to help us to know how to be silent before God, how we can carve out a “quiet time” in our day.

In our days many fathers of families have lost their sense of place in the family; many provide weak leadership, especially in the area of religious practice. We must pray that the example of Joseph will inspire Christian fathers to assume their rightful role of leading their children in worship of our heavenly Father. May fathers provide firm and clear standards of Christian behaviour to their families in a society that is losing its spiritual foundations.



Saint Joseph, patron of fathers, foster-father of Our Lord Jesus,

guide us along our journey

as we strive for family unity, fidelity and holiness

and as we seek to answer the Holy Spirit’s prompting in our hearts

and set an example of faith for others.


St Joseph, be our guide and help us follow the way of Christ

and look to Mary as the Mother of God and our loving Heavenly Mother,

and to our Lord Jesus as our Way, our Truth and our Life.



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