“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Hosea 6:3


“Let us set ourselves to know the Lord; that He will come is as certain as the dawn; He will come to us as showers come, like spring rains watering the earth.”

– Hosea 6:3



As Christians, we may know of the Lord and we may sometimes pray and even attend Sunday Mass, but do we do it simply out of tradition, habit, or even superstition? Many Christians simply pay lip service to God – they express their respect, but they don’t act on their words, so the respect is hollow and empty.

Our God is an awesome God, but to realise this and truthfully proclaim it, we need to get to know Him and truly welcome Him into our lives. We really get to know the Lord through saturating ourselves with His Word; through living the Gospel; through gladly observing the Sacraments.

That is how God really comes to life in our heart, and to us He will be as welcome as the fresh rain which brings back life to an arid land.



My Lord, my God, I yearn to know You more.

Quench my thirst, Lord.


I need You, Lord, for You are my sustenance;

You quench my thirst for the truth;

You dispel the aridity of my soul and bring it back to life.


Lord, please never stop soaking my heart with Your water of life.



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