“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Proverbs 4:10-27


My child, listen to me and do as I say,

and you will have a long, good life.

I will teach you wisdom’s ways

and lead you in straight paths.

When you walk, you won’t be held back;

when you run, you won’t stumble.

Take hold of my instructions; don’t let them go.

Guard them, for they are the key to life.


Don’t do as the wicked do,

and don’t follow the path of evildoers.

Don’t even think about it; don’t go that way.

Turn away and keep moving.

For evil people can’t sleep until they’ve done their evil deed for the day.

They can’t rest until they’ve caused someone to stumble.

They eat the food of wickedness

and drink the wine of violence!


The way of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn,

which shines ever brighter until the full light of day.

But the way of the wicked is like total darkness.

They have no idea what they are stumbling over.


My child, pay attention to what I say.

Listen carefully to my words.

Don’t lose sight of them.

Let them penetrate deep into your heart,

for they bring life to those who find them,

and healing to their whole body.


Guard your heart above all else,

for it determines the course of your life.

Avoid all perverse talk;

stay away from corrupt speech.

Look straight ahead,

and fix your eyes on what lies before you.

Mark out a straight path for your feet;

stay on the safe path.

Don’t get side-tracked;

keep your feet from following evil.

– Proverbs 4:10-27



“There are two paths – one of life and one of death – but great is the difference between them.”– from the Didache or Teaching of the Twelve Apostles



Lord, lead me along Your Path of Life.

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