“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 18:30 (The Grail Psalms – Ps 17:31)



The ways of God are perfect;

the word of the Lord, purest gold.

He indeed is the shield

of all who make Him their refuge.

– Psalm 18:30 (The Grail Psalms – Ps 17:31)



Every day, go into that room, to that quiet place and spend time with the Lord…even if you think you don’t have the time. Just stop…for a few minutes and focus on Him. Forget yourself, your worldly responsibilities, your belongings, your status, your worries, your cares…just focus on Him.

Allow your heart to acknowledge its Maker and to bow down in His presence. Let it beat faster as it senses His nearness and His love. In the same way that God knows our heart, our heart knows God. It is only when we do not allow our heart to approach Him, that it feels heavy and empty.

If we permit our heart to reach out to the Master daily, so that it can freely delight in God’s presence, then our sentiment and our understanding will one day become as one and will resolutely proclaim, in complete unity, that the ways of God are perfect; and that the Word of the Lord is purest gold; and that He indeed is the shield of all who make Him their refuge.



O Lord, my God, take over.

Draw me close to You

that I may glory in Your presence.


Your ways, O Lord, are perfect;

Your Word – purest gold.

You are my Shield.

You are my Refuge.


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