“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Romans 8:35


Nothing can come between us and the love of Christ, even if we are troubled or worried, or being persecuted, or lacking food or clothes, or being threatened or even attacked.

– Romans 8:35



Who or what will cause us to stop loving our Saviour? Christians’ love for their Redeemer should be so strong that it will surmount and survive all trials and opposition. However, trials and opposition, when they occur in our lives, can tend to test and alienate our love for Jesus.

But no, our love for Christ is so deep that we are willing to bear all; and nothing that these enemies of our peace can do, can distance us from Him and from His cause. Nothing, and no one, will be able to separate us from that strong love that we have for our Saviour.

Nothing? No one? How strong and determined a Christian am I?



“Our Lord has in fact chosen us to be leaven, salt and light in this world. Don’t be worried. The world won’t harm you unless you want it to. No enemy of our soul can do anything if we don’t consent. And we won’t consent, with the grace of God and the protection of our Mother in heaven”

– St. Josemaria Escriva



My Lord, my God, my Saviour,

I shall always love You – in good times and in bad –

because I know and believe that with You by my side

I can walk with no fear, even through the valley of darkness.


It is not about me, Lord, it is all about You.

Nothing and no one will ever change the love I have for You.




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