“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 44:24-25


Awake, O Lord, why do You sleep?

Arise, do not reject us for ever!

Why do You hide Your face

and forget our oppression and misery?

– Psalm 44:24-25



We believe in God’s steadfast love but sometimes, when afflicted by misfortunes, we can find ourselves (in our desperation and grief) attributing them to God. “I believe in You, O Lord, so why do You hide Your face from me?” Such can be the desperate cry of a believer who is experiencing suffering and who expects God to answer his or her prayers.

When, for whatever reason, we experience suffering, we can find ourselves feeling that God is hiding His face from us – because our heart is shrouded in darkness and this darkness prevents us from seeing the light of truth.

But, if I allow Him to, the Holy Spirit, who is always by my side, will rush into my heart and mind and will console me and reassure me that nothing can ever plunge my interior life into darkness. It is then that I can shout out, in faith, “Father, Thy will be done!”

[the inspiration for Today’s reflection comes mainly from a commentary by St. Ambrose.]



Father in heaven, give me faith and strength. Your will be done!


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