“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 1:46



Nathanael asked, “Can anything good come from that place?” “Come and see” replied Philip.

– John 1:46



Today’s verse is part of a conversation between two men, one of whom, Philip, had just met Christ and was, very excitedly, telling his friend Nathanael about this Jesus, who hailed from the village of Nazareth.

Nathanael was, typically, sceptical and he scoffed sarcastically at what was, supposedly, “good news”.  Philip’s reaction to all this, sets a wonderful example for all of us: he presented a significant yet simple invitation to Nathanael: “Come and see.”  In spite of being totally unconvinced, Nathanael takes up his friend’s invitation and goes and discovers the truth for himself!

Whenever we are with someone who, for whatever reason, does not know or acknowledge Jesus, should the subject come up, we must not only be content with words. The knowledge of Jesus needs, above all, a living experience, and inviting others to come along with us and experience for themselves, that which we ourselves have experienced, can be what will set them off on a wonderful, intimate and profound relationship with Jesus.




Lord Jesus,

it is because of that wonderful moment of grace

when I took up a friend’s invitation to “come and see”,

that I am on my knees before You today.


Lord Jesus, use me…to invite others to “come and see” You.

Use me, Lord,

and let me truly reflect the joy, the love and the peace that only You can bring,

so that others will feel encouraged and will want to know more about You.


Use me, Lord. Amen.


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