“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 98:1


Sing a new song to the Lord

for He has worked wonders.

His right hand and His Holy arm

have brought salvation.

– Psalm 98:1



What a wonderful resolution – to sing a new song, every day, to the Lord! What a worthy resolution, which I, as a believer, should strive to keep – to make each day a song of praise and glory, sung from my heart to the Lord, through my words, my thoughts and my deeds.

Jesus – God’s right hand and His holy arm – was born to save us. He triumphed over darkness and death and He is my Lord and my Saviour!



My Lord and my God,

I come before You and I kneel in Your presence,

I kneel in the presence of my Maker.


Every day I want to give You glory

– I want to give glory to my King.

Every day I pray to have You and to keep You in my heart,

I wish to make every day a new song of praise to You.


Lord Jesus, right hand of the Father,

help me never fail in my resolve.

Lord, give me the strength of character

to put You first and foremost in my life…every day.


Lord, I want to make my life a song of praise to You, my Saviour!



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