“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Acts 5:41


As they (the apostles) left the council, they rejoiced that they were considered worthy to suffer dishonour for the sake of the Name.

– Acts 5:41



“…considered worthy to suffer dishonour…” – what a glorious paradox for true believers in Jesus. Who would ever have thought that suffering dishonour could uplift the heart!

Jesus, the Divine Paradox, suffered dishonour and uplifted mankind. So for us, His followers,

whatever the consequences of what we humbly do or say in His name, we rejoice – always!



You, my God, are supreme,

utmost in goodness,

mightiest and all-powerful,

most merciful and most just.


You are the most hidden from us

and yet the most present amongst us,

the most beautiful

and yet the most strong,

ever enduring

and yet we cannot comprehend You.


You are unchangeable

and yet You change all things.

You are never new, never old,

and yet all things have new life from You.

You are the unseen power

that brings decline upon the proud.


You are my God, my Life, my holy Delight,

but is this enough to say of You?

Can any person say enough when speaking of You?


Yet woe betide those who are silent about You!

For even those who are most gifted with speech

cannot find words to describe You.




[Today’s prayer is from Saint Augustine’s “Confessions”, Bk 1, Sect. 4]


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