“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Isaiah 42:16



“I shall make the darkness that is around them into light.

I shall make crooked things straight.”

– Isaiah 42:16



It is after having met the Lord,

after having welcomed Him into your heart

and let Him take over,

that you start to understand what He says;

that you begin to realise

how dark it was before you allowed Him into your life.

It is when I let the Holy Spirit change me, mould me and fill me,

that I readily acknowledge and admit

how crooked I was before His divine action began to “straighten” me out.



Thank You, Lord,

For helping me see myself as I truly am.


In Your presence, Lord,

I remove all my masks and pull down all my defences

– You make me see myself as I truly am;

– You encourage me and make me want to change

to become more like You.

Lord, remove all that is dark from me

and fill me with Your light.


Lord, never stop straightening me,

Come, Lord Jesus, shine on me

and make me a better person.



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