“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Romans 8:31




With God on our side

who can be against us?

– Romans 8:31





God is with us,

He is always by our side!

This is a cry expressing confidence and optimism.


If we believe in Him and follow His Commandments,

we will emerge unscathed and victorious

from all attacks, dangers and sufferings we undergo or which threaten us,

and from the worst that might befall us.


Nothing and nobody – no created thing –

is stronger than God’s love for us.


This is the attitude which enables us to live as children of God;

as His sons and daughters who fear neither life nor death:


“Our Lord wants us to be in the world and to love the world but without being worldly.

Our Lord wants us to remain in this world

– which is now so mixed up and where the clamour of lust and disobedience and purposeless rebellion can be heard –

to teach people to live with joy. […]


Don’t be afraid of the paganized world:

our Lord has in fact chosen us to be leaven, salt and light in this world.


Don’t be worried. The world won’t harm you unless you want it to.

No enemy of our soul can do anything if we don’t consent.


And we won’t consent,

with the grace of God and the protection of our Mother in heaven.”

– Salvador Bernal





Lord, it is You I need and long for;

Your divine help that I seek;

and You by my side to walk through this valley with me

and to bring me safely home.


I know, Lord, with all my heart,

that you will not withhold all the graces I need to obtain this happy outcome.


Thank You, my Lord, my God.


Sweet Mother of God, pray for me.


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