“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Philippians 1:20




Avoid anything in your everyday lives

that would be unworthy of the Gospel of Christ.


– Philippians 1:20






In other words, "live like good citizens."

In addition to whichever positions we have in society,

we Christians are citizens of heaven

and therefore we should lead a life that is worthy of the Gospel of Christ.


We must be like good citizens of the Kingdom of God, where Christ reigns as King,

by loyally obeying His laws.


Christ especially wants us to love one another,

because, such love encompasses all other precepts of the law.


Being a citizen of heaven is quite compatible with being a citizen of human society:

to acknowledge God is in no way to oppose the dignity of man,

since such dignity is grounded and brought to perfection in God.


We have in fact been placed in society by God,

who created us as intelligent and free beings;

but over and above this

we are called, as sons and daughters, to intimacy with God

and to share in His happiness. [Vatican II, "Gaudium Et Spes”]






Holy Spirit, come and enter into the deepest recesses of my heart.

Heal and change me, and sow new seed of love in me,

that I may live a life worthy of Christ;

that I may love…like Jesus does.


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