“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 63:1




O God, You are my God,

for You I long;

for You my soul is thirsting.

My body pines for You like a dry weary land without water.


– Psalm 63:1






Being with the Lord is like this

– there are times

when we feel like a tree growing on the bank of a glorious, flowing river;

then there are times

when we feel like there’s not a drop of water in sight.


Both can be beautiful moments.


Yes, because whenever we thirst for the Lord,

it is a significant instance of spiritual truth and of grace,

which helps us realise how much we love Him

and how much we need Him in our life.


Yes, we should truly treasure all such moments.


My Lord and my God,

today I just want to stop and thank You

for the grace You gave me of knowing how life is,

both with You and without You.


Today I know that with You in my heart,

even the darkest of moments are filled with grace

because my yearning for You makes me realise how much I love You and need You,

and that realisation fills me with incomparable inner joy.


Thank You, my Lord.

I love You, my God!


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