“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 1:39




“Come, and you will see.”


– John 1:39






“Come, and you will see” is Jesus’ tender invitation

to those of us seeking to know Him better.

It is an invitation to begin that intimate relationship that we may be seeking.


Christian faith can never be just a matter of intellectual curiosity;

it affects one’s whole life

and a person cannot understand it unless he or she really live it.


That is why our Lord invites those who wish to know more about Him

to “come and see” where and how He lives

and to spend time in His company.


Accepting our Lord’s invitation is an act of hope and humility.

By doing so and ‘going’, we will learn through personal first-hand experience,

because words alone cannot describe that which we are seeking,

or what we will eventually find.


If we accept this invitation,

then, by applying our mind to the contemplation of divine things,

by desiring to taste the sweetness of God,

by assiduous prayer,

we shall indeed ‘see’.


Lord, Here I am!

Jesus, now that I have found You, I want to stay by Your side,

I want to be everywhere with You,

I want to know more and more about You,

I want to never stop listening to Your voice.


Lord, now that I have found You, I know that I am nothing without You.


Here I am, Lord, right by Your side!


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1 Response to “a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 1:39

  1. Mary Muscat says:

    Thank you for this beautiful and encouraging post. Yes, it is really marvellous to build a relationship with Our Lord. It gives us Peace and Calm in our heart and excellent motivation in our life.
    Our God is great, good and very caring. We thank You Dear God and want to Love You always, now and forevermore.

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