“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Romans 11:33-34




How rich are the depths of God

– how deep His wisdom and knowledge –

and how impossible to penetrate His motives or understand His methods!

Who could ever know the mind of the Lord?


– Romans 11:33-34






Who could ever know the mind of the Lord?

Not me…not anyone!

God is beyond our comprehension, as is His great love for us.


The Divine plan, as it unfolds before our eyes, may often perturb us,

and it may be difficult to understand

– especially when there is hurt and suffering and pain.


Our correct attitude to God’s plan, however, should always be one of humility and obedience;

one that also accepts that our mind’s capacity is, in fact, limited.

Insisting on understanding God is, therefore, more than unreasonable.


If we truly believe in Him as the Almighty, then we should place our full trust in Him

– and His Spirit will fill our hearts and minds with the reassurance and peace which is way beyond our understanding

…and everything will then fall into place. Amen!


Lord, I pray,

that when things appear to be going wrong for me,

I will let myself go in Your loving arms

and let You reassure me and fill me with hope.


I know that You love me, Lord.

I know that You will lift me up and carry me.


I know that, with Your grace,

everything will fall into place, Lord.


Lord, how great You are!


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