“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 22:14




“For many are called,

but few are chosen.”


– Matthew 22:14




REFLECTION…and prayer…


These sobering words of Jesus

should make me stop and reflect deeply

into how determined I am to follow Him and be guided by Him so as to be saved.


God desires all of us to come to the knowledge of the truth and to be saved

but, in His infinite wisdom, made us free to accept or reject grace.

In His great love for us, our Creator sent His Only Son,

who went as far as to die on the cross for us.


So where am I in all this?

I know that I have been called but am I really doing all I should to be chosen?

When I hear or read God’s Word, am I truly listening?

Am I really interested, and do I really care about the state of my soul

…and that of my loved ones, and of so many others that I come into contact with?


Oh Lord, I so want to be chosen.

Help me, Lord.

Send Your Holy Spirit to break me, to melt me, to mould me

and to fill me with the fire of Your love.

Come Holy Spirit, come…that I may be chosen!


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