“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 17:27




Jesus said to Peter,

“…go to the lake and cast a hook;

take the first fish that bites,

open its mouth

and there you will find a shekel…”


– Matthew 17:27






What a lovely little story;

what an amazing little miracle

– the sort that God performs for us, so often, in our daily life!


It was time to make the annual contribution (equivalent to a day’s wage) for the upkeep of the temple,

and Peter and Jesus would be asked to pay their half-shekel each.

But there wasn’t any money to do so.

so Jesus performed this wonderful little miracle

and when Peter goes to the lake and casts a single hook, a fish bites,

and voilà, in its mouth – as if by magic – there’s the shekel they need!


God is like that – if we believe in Him.


Think about it,

“How many times in my life have I needed God’s help, even for the most trivial of things,

when suddenly and quite out of the blue something happens and the problem is solved?”

No wonder so many people of faith call them God-incidences!


God is like that…when we seek Him out and leave it to Him to guide us.






I believe – in You, O Lord. In You I believe!


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