“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Deuteronomy 1:31




The Lord carried you, as a man carries his child,

all along the road you travelled.


– Deuteronomy 1:31






God is the father of each and every one of us.

He has a plan for us all

and wants no harm to come to us as we go through life’s ups and downs.


However, it is really up to us

– we either let Him carry us, or we wander off on our own.


When we realise that His everlasting arms are underneath,

then we need not fear.

His gentle and untiring arms bear us up…and on…through life.






Father God,

Whatever this day has in store for me,

I know that You will carry me through.

I want You to carry me, Lord.

Lord, You are my refuge

and, holding me up are Your everlasting and caring arms

– so strong, yet so tender!

I let myself go, dear Lord, and place my trust in You.

Lift me up and carry me, Father!


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