“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Ezekiel 34:31




You are my flock, the sheep of my pasture.

You are my people, and I am your God.


– Ezekiel 34:31






The Lord, our God, calls us His sheep.

Sheep tend to be dependent, defenceless and directionless

and so they need to be shepherded – – cared for, protected, guided.


Those of us of little or no faith (and, perhaps, with a big dose of pride)

will not like being compared to sheep.

On the other hand, many of us may well believe that we are fully independent, competent and capable,

and that we know exactly where we’re heading.

Many of us do not wish to be regarded as sheep.


But our Maker also refers to us as “people”,

thereby acknowledging the special intellect which He Himself endowed us with.


What God is lovingly telling us

is that we should always be humble enough

to accept that however intelligent and independent we make think that we are,

we will always need guidance,

and that He, our Maker, is always here

with us and for us.






Lord, You are my Shepherd, my Guide!

Without You, Lord, I am lost.


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