“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 84:10




A single day in Your courts, O Lord,

is better than a thousand anywhere else!


– Psalm 84:10






How true this verse rings

in the minds and hearts of those who have opened themselves to the Lord.


Believers, who spend time with the Lord,

whether in community or by themselves;

in worshipful adoration;

in silent contemplation;

at Holy Mass;

listening to His Word and contemplating upon it

gladly receive and soak up His love and His grace.

Believers, who spend such time with the Lord,

all enthusiastically agree that a single day with the Lord,

is better, much better, than a thousand days anywhere else!


This applies to one’s entire self.

One’s intellect, one’s mind, one’s heart, one’s soul

will all thankfully, eagerly, and reverently confirm

that nothing, but nothing,

can compare with the glory and joy and peace of being with the Lord.


Feeling like this is such a grace.

It fills us with incomparable anticipation of what lies ahead

when we are finally called to meet our Maker – face to face –

to spend eternity with Him.






O Lord, my God,

nothing compares to the joy and the peace that my entire self feels when I am with You;

when I am in Your presence;

when I keep You with me, in my heart and mind;

when I follow Your ways.


Lord, grant that I will always want to be close to You. Lord, I so want to spend eternity with You!


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