“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 16:13




Jesus said,

“When the Spirit of Truth comes,

He will guide you into all truth.”


– John 16:13 (NLT)






It is the Holy Spirit

who makes us fully understand the truth revealed by Christ.


When we gladly receive the Holy Spirit;

when we invite Him into our hearts and let Him take over,

He will then lovingly guide us unto all truth.


He will gently enlighten us,

and enable us discover the depth and richness

of everything we have read and heard about Jesus.


It is through the Holy Spirit

that we receive counsel,

find consolation,

and are guided towards personal holiness

which will make us one with Christ.






Lord, thank You for the Holy Spirit,

for the One who gently tugs away at my hardened heart

and who lovingly leads me to open my eyes to Your truth.


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