“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 119:165




Great peace have those who love Your law,

and nothing can make them stumble.


– Psalm 119:165 (NIV)






Great peace have those who love Your law…

In spite of feelings of pain, fear and anxiety that occur as they go through life,

those who love God’s Law and who strive to obey and follow it still find that life-changing, special inner peace.


As they trust in the Lord and seek to do His will,

those who love Him also find a source of soothing calm in Him,

and this in spite of the turmoil and disappointments in their lives.

They can cope with trouble and anxiety because they know, they believe with all their heart, that God is in control;

and because they allow Him to stay in control.


…and nothing can make them stumble.

The eyes of the humble and faithful are opened to see and recognise the stumbling-blocks of life.

By following and obeying God’s law, they stay safe.

God warns them against and protects them from falling deeply into the traps of life.

God shields them from the power of temptation.


Most importantly,

those who truly love the Lord and His law will always find His peace in their heart

and they will never give up.






Lord Jesus, You give me Your peace and I gladly accept it and welcome it into my heart.

O Lord, my God, my Saviour, grant that I will always treasure and embrace the peace that only You can give.



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