“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 145:13b-14




The Lord is faithful to His promises;
He is merciful in all His acts.
He helps those who are in trouble;
He lifts those who have fallen.


– Psalm 145:13b-14 (GNT)






The Lord lifts those who have faith in His love and mercy,

those who are bent and bowed under the duties, the cares, the trials of life.

The Lord is able to strengthen them

so that they can bear those burdens without being crushed under them.


The Lord satisfies the desire of all

except in the case of those who are unreasonable, who are satisfied with nothing.

He does good to all and many have tasted His goodness

as He prevented their falls,

or recovered them speedily by His grace and comfort.


Christ eases and raises up all who are heavily laden and who go to Him in faith.

To these, in particular, He is very near

and always ready to hear and answer their prayers.

He is in the hearts of the faithful and dwells there,

and they dwell in Him.


He is close to those who call upon Him,

ready to help them in all times of need.

He will be close to them,

and they will find what they seek,

when they call upon Him in truth and sincerity.


The Lord is our Saviour

– may we love and honour His name and always walk in His ways. Amen.






Lord, You are faithful, You are merciful.

Lord, You lift me up.

Thank You, Lord Jesus.

Forgive me, Lord Jesus.

I love You, Lord Jesus.


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