“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 106:19-21a




They made a calf at Horeb

and worshipped a cast image.


They exchanged the glory of God

for the image of an ox that eats grass.


They forgot God, their Saviour…


– Psalm 106:19-21a (NRSV)






How many false gods are there in my life?

How many false gods have I created, which result in my putting aside the Lord God and Saviour?


Have I chosen to forget all that the Lord God went through to save me and to give me eternal life?

Have I decided to put aside God’s word and His teachings and commandments, so as to satisfy my earthly desires?


How foolish can man be!


How wise are Saint Bernard’s words:

“While I live I will keep in remembrance

the difficulties that our Lord Christ suffered in preaching:

His weariness in working,

His temptations when He fasted,

His long vigils when He prayed,

His tears when He wept for pity of good people,

the grievous and the shameful and the filthy things that men said of Him,

of the foul spitting that men spat at His face,

of the foul knocks and blows that men gave Him,

of the foul sneering, and of the insults that men said to Him,

of the nails with which He was nailed to the cross,

and of all the rest of His passion that He suffered for my sins, and not at all for His own guilt."







How can I forget You, Lord?

How can I put You, my Lord, God and Saviour, aside?

How can I be so self centered and short sighted?


Please forgive me, Lord for the many times when I failed You.

Help me, Lord, as I seek to live according to Your word.

Help me never lose heart in difficult circumstances.

Help me always trust fully in Your love for me.

Strengthen and increase my faith, Lord.


Thank You, Lord, for never giving up on me

and for always being by my side, as You are right now.

I love You Lord!


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