“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 23:4




Even if I go through the deepest darkness,

I will not be afraid, Lord,

for You are with me.

Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me.


– Psalm 23:4 (GNT)






Here is the ground of a true Christian’s confidence

– God is with us,

and His presence inspires us with confidence and comfort, hope and joy.

He is Light in the deepest darkness.


I will not give way to my fears,

but I will confidently rely upon the word and promise of my God,

persuaded that His grace is sufficient for me,

and that He will ultimately make everything work for my good.


His rod and staff – God’s word and His Spirit – they comfort me.


His gospel is the rod of His strength and of His discipline,

saturated with wisdom and comfort in all situations,

dispensing unconditional love and care.

His Spirit is the Comforter Himself,

and where He is, support, comfort and wisdom cannot be wanting.


With His staff He leads and supports me,

He defends and protects me,

upholding me with His grace.

All this love and care are more than sufficient for me under all my trails.






Lord, You are my shepherd; I have everything I need.

You let me rest in fields of green grass and lead me to quiet pools of fresh water.

You give me new strength.

You guide me in the right paths, as You have promised.

Hold my hand and lead me, Lord.


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