“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Psalm 19:8



The instructions of the Lord are correct.

They make the heart rejoice.

The command of the Lord is radiant.

It makes the eyes shine.


– Psalm 19:8 (GW)






There is a constant battle going on inside us – between right and wrong.

To ignore it is fatal.


To address it is life-giving,

and that is why we need to stop…and take a deep inward look at ourselves

and at the way we are,

at the way we think,

at the way we act.


It is in these moments of reflection

that you can find out whether, notwithstanding your worries and problems,

there is an indescribable pure joy, deep inside your heart,

or else just an empty void,

which you are seeking to fill with snatches of shallow happiness that comes from self-indulgence.


The good news is that,

if you find yourself admitting that you do not like what you see in yourself,

there is a glorious Healer,

who makes Himself readily available for everyone who goes to Him

– His name is Jesus.


He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

His laws and commands are simple and life-restoring,

and they also bring back the true joy and sparkle in your eyes.






Your instructions, Lord, make the heart rejoice,

Your command makes the eyes shine,

Your truth restores my life and fills me with joy and hope.

I praise and thank You, Lord!


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