“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 13:23




Someone asked Jesus,

“Lord, will only a few be saved?”


– Luke 13:23 (NLT)






There is a question which the faithful have always asked themselves:

Are there many or few who will be saved?


When Jesus was asked this question, He changed the centre of attention

from the number to how it is possible to be saved,

explaining this the need to enter by “the narrow door.”

“Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom…” (Lk 13:24)


The way Jesus answers certain questions arising from mere curiosity or even fear,

reflects His wish to educate us to pass from the level of curiosity to authentic wisdom,

from the pointless questions that excite people,

to the real problems of life.

This helps us understand the absurdity of those, such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses,

who even think they know the exact number of the saved: 144,000.


Jesus is not interested in revealing to us the number of the saved,

but rather the way to be saved.


The way of the impious and immoral is wide, yes, but only at the beginning.

The more they progress on it, the more it becomes narrow and bitter.

In any case, it is extremely narrow at the end, as it leads to a dead end.

The happiness experienced in it goes on diminishing as it is experienced,

until it becomes nauseous and sad.


As with drugs, alcohol, sex, riches and other such compulsions,

an ever-stronger dosage is necessary to produce the same intense pleasure

– until the organism ceases to respond,

and then comes the collapse, emotional and also physical.


The way of the just, on the contrary, is narrow at the beginning,

but then becomes wide, as they find hope, joy, and peace of heart on it.


The way of the just leads to life, not death.


[from a reflection by Padre Raniero Cantalamessa]






You are the Way, Lord. I want to walk with You!


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