“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 1:39




“Come and see.”


– John 1:39 (NRSV)






“Come and see” is Jesus’ tender invitation

to those of us with a desire to walk alongside Him

and to get to know more about Him.


Jesus invites us to spend time with Him,

…and if we go – in obedience to Him and moved by grace –

we will see for ourselves that He is Lord

and we will gladly enter into an intimate and holy friendship with Him.






My beloved Jesus,

thank You for calling me

and for the grace You gave me

to respond to Your call.


Thank You, Lord,

for touching my heart when I came to meet You,

and for opening it up to gladly learn from You.

to thank You,

to sing praise to You

and to give You glory.


Thank You for the incomparable peace You give me,

for Your overwhelming love,

for accepting me, a sinner, with open arms.


Teach me, Lord Jesus,

hold my hand,

and show me Your way of great joy, love and peace,

which leads to the fulfilment of Your purpose for me in life.








Here I am, Lord.

Show me, Lord.

Teach me, Lord.

I love You, Lord.

Forgive me, Lord.

Thank You, Lord.


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