“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 15:18-19




Jesus said,

”If the world hates you,

remember that it hated me before you.


If you belonged to the world,

the world would love you as its own;

but because you do not belong to the world,

because my choice withdrew you from the world,

therefore the world hates you.”


– John 15:18-19 (JB)






Christ is persecuted,

till this very day!


Even in countries with deep Christian roots,

an aggressive form of secularism is emerging

to the exclusion of God, religion and virtue

from public life.


Those seeking to stick to Christian principles

and who try to follow Jesus’ teaching,

are being increasingly rejected

and often scoffed at and insulted.


The Christian who follows Jesus

tries to live in a manner which appears to go contrary to what society is doing.

This is why, often, those of us who do not go with the flow

are being regarded with disdain.


However, in spite of growing provocation,

we must gladly stand up and be counted.

We must never be ashamed of the Gospel,

which is the wisdom and power of God.


But we must also be loving and gentle in our response,

and to be so, we need to be strong…in our faith…

and we need to learn how to love like Jesus loves!






Lord, help me be a good Christian by example, through restraint,

and by seeking to always love like You love.


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