“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 11:14




One day Jesus cast out a demon from a man who couldn’t speak,

and when the demon was gone, the man began to speak.

The crowds were amazed…


– Luke 11:14 (NLT)






Muteness, blindness, deafness and paralysis,

all can be used as symbols to illustrate the state of the soul.


Our attitude, our sins, can make us spiritually mute, blind, deaf, and paralysed

and it is Jesus – our Divine Healer – who can cure us,

like He cured the physically mute, blind, deaf and paralysed

in those actual and historical events mentioned in the Gospels.


Those physical cures that Jesus performed

are also symbolic in that they represent the spiritual healing that He comes to effect in our lives.

It can be said that Jesus was giving us an image of the sacraments and their healing grace.


St. John Chrysostom says about this passage,

that this man was unable to present his request himself, because he was dumb;

he was unable to ask others to do it either, because the devil had tied his tongue,

and together with his tongue he had bound up his soul.

The devil had him well and truly trussed up!


If we do not talk to Our Lord in prayer about our misery,

and beg Him to rid us of it;

if we do not lay bare our loss of spiritual direction;

if we keep silent because pride has sealed up our lips,

the sickness becomes practically incurable.


Usually, if we do not talk about the way our soul is suffering,

we also fail to listen.

The soul becomes deaf to God’s requests,

and we reject argument and reason

that could be the one clear light that will help us get back on the right road.


On the other hand, St Josemaria Escriva encourages us

by telling us that it will be easy for us to open our hearts sincerely

if, when we become aware of the burdens and human passions that dwell in us,

we also remind ourselves that these should not be regarded as obstacles,

but as spurs for us to become more closely united to God

and to seek Him constantly,

because He purifies us.


“O that today you would listen to His voice!
Do not harden your hearts”
(Ps 95)






Lord, today I resolve, never to resist Your healing grace,

and to be always very sincere in my love for You.

Heal me, and lead me, O Lord.


… … … … … … … … … … … …… …


Note: The main source of today’s REFLECTION is the seven-volume work

“In Conversation with God” by Padre Francisco Fernández Carvajal.

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