“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Hebrews 12:1-2




We should throw off everything that hinders us,

especially the sin that clings so easily,

and keep running steadily in the race we have started.


Let us not lose sight of Jesus,

who leads us in our faith

and brings it to perfection.


– Hebrews 12:1-2 (JB)






Faith fills us with hope

and that hope gives us the determination we need

to run the race.


Ours is not a short and easy race

but a long test which calls for endurance

and an ability to cope with pain and fatigue.


As true believers, we run the race

in spite of all obstacles we encounter along the way,

and all the urgings and temptations from everywhere to pull out of the race

and to simply “lie back and enjoy life, because we only live once!”


Keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus

is what will help us get there.

He too ran the race – and how!

He too was tempted to do otherwise – and how!


Jesus became one like us to show us the way;

to show us, through His own extreme example,

how the race should be run,

with faith, hope and joy in our hearts,

and how not to give up,

so as to finally get to that glorious and joyful destination

which God has promised us,

and which we so yearn for.


Essentially, what we need to win in the struggle of life is detachment.

Anything that does not lead to God is a hindrance.

Root it out and throw it far from you. (St. Josemaria Escriva)






Lead me, Lord, give me self-control and fill me with faith and determination. Help me run the race of life.

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