“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Jeremiah 31:33




Deep within them I will plant my Law,

writing it on their hearts

– it is the Lord who speaks.


– Jeremiah 31:33 (JB)






Yes Lord, I pray,

that You plant Your Law

deep within me.


Write it on my heart, O Lord,

deeply engrave it in big letters

– brand me,

so that the rest of me will know

that I am Yours;

so that all of me – my mind, my body, my soul –

will rejoice,


in the knowledge that I belong to You, entirely.


Lord, let Your Law take over all that I am,

and make me at one with You.


Let me always be conscious

that the heart that beats within me

has Your Holy Name inscribed on it.

and that it belongs to You

…and that You reside in it.


My Lord and my God,

let me always be conscious of You

deep within me, inside my heart.






Lord, plant Your Law deep within me,

write it on my heart!


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