“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Luke 16:8




Jesus said,

“For the people of this world

are more shrewd

in dealing with their own kind

than are the people of the light.”


– Luke 16:8 (NIV)






“The people of this world”

are those who dedicate themselves to this world;

who are "devoted" to this world;

who live for this world only;

who are careful only to obtain and to provide for now;

who accumulate possessions.

It does not mean that they

are especially wicked and immoral,

but it is clear that they are "worldly,"

and anxious about earthly things.


“The people of the light”

Are those who have been enlightened from above

– who are Christians;

who know the Truth

and who seek to live in the light of Christ.


Those who "are" worldly – “the people of this world”

show much skill and cunning

in providing for themselves;

seize occasions for making good bargains;

are active and industrious;

never miss an opportunity,

and therefore are prepared

to exert themselves to the utmost

to advance their own personal interests.


Our Lord wants us – “the people of the light”

to apply at least the same ingenuity and effort

as people who are worldly,

when it comes to matters of the soul;

to the promotion of Christian spirituality

and the spreading of the Kingdom of God;

to being charitable

and truly “Christian” towards others.


And me, where do I stand?






Jesus, fill me with Your light and guide me!


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