“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 11:25




Jesus exclaimed,

“I bless you, Father,

Lord of heaven and of earth,

for hiding these things

from the learned and the clever

and revealing them to mere children.”


– Matthew 11:25 (JB)






A humble person, who gives himself little importance,


a person who is full of self-esteem,

fails to perceive supernatural things that fill the heart and soul.


Those who perceive themselves as being wise and understanding,

that is, those who rely on their own judgment,

cannot accept the revelation which Christ has brought us.


True Christian belief in God

is always connected with humility.


As You hold our hand, Lord,

please lessen us

…and increase our faith.

Remove all foolish pride

which still lurks within us

…and fill us with Your Spirit of wisdom and truth.






Father, hold my hand, and fill me with Your truth.


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