“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Leviticus 20:26




Be consecrated to me,

because I, the Lord, am holy,

and I will set you apart from all these peoples

so that you may be mine.


– Leviticus 20:26 (JB)






As Christians,

all that we own

and all our relationships

should be consecrated to God

so that they do not become idols in our lives.

No thing or person

is to be held above our relationship with Jesus Christ.


Nearly every Christian has idols in his life.

For some, it is money or material possessions.

For others, it is relationships

– good or illicit – with other people.

To some, their parents, children, or spouse,

can be an idol (more important than God).

Others are so concerned about themselves

that their own love of their life

becomes an idol ranking before God.


God wants to set us apart

but it is, as always, up to us

to decide which way, or who, to follow.


One way, is to seek to follow a holy life

– a good life, consecrated to God

and based on following the path

of fulfilling altruistic love, genuineness and truth.


The other way, is to blindly go with the flow

into the glittering world

of multiple and instant, though short-lived,

moments of self-satisfaction

– a toxic concoction of deception and dishonesty,

leading to self-destruction.


The decision is ours.






Jesus, my Lord, I have decided to follow You.

Help me with my decision.


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