“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – Matthew 1:16




…and Jacob was the father

of Joseph the husband of Mary

– of her was born Jesus,

who is called Christ.


– Matthew 1:16 (TJB)






Mary – of her was born Jesus

who is called Christ..

Mary was born

to bring Jesus into the world.


God, who we believe knows all things from before the beginning of time,

knew when He created her

what role she would play in salvation history.

And when she uttered “yes”

to the Angel Gabriel,

she began that work He predestined for her.


She continues to work even today,

bringing Christ to us,

and us to Christ.


While in Mary we find

a supreme model of love and compassion,

we also find

that she points us to an even better one:

to Christ Himself.


And so, she is really all about Him!






Holy Mother of God, turn your merciful eyes to me.

O sweet Lady of tenderness, bring me close to Jesus.


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