“a Lamp to my feet. a Light for my path.” – John 14:23




Jesus said,

“Those who love me will keep my word,

and my Father will love them,

and we will come to them and make our home with them.”


– John 14:23 (NRSV)






Keeping Jesus’ word means

being good and faithful in putting His word into practice;

it means

never giving up in seeking to live it sincerely and unstintingly,

as you fulfill its every consequence

in the hidden and silent sacrifice of each day.


Our basic attitude towards the Lord must be faithfulness.

In being faithful, we gladly accept His plan for us,

even though we will never completely understand how it will unfold.


Faithfulness, for the Christian,

should mean consistency to live in accordance with what one believes;

and to adapt one’s own life accordingly,

embracing, practicing, following the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Duration is the most exacting test of faithfulness,

and duration comes from loyalty.

Loyalty for a day or two is easy,

but we are called to be persistently loyal.


Am I consistent in my faithfulness to the Lord’s teachings?

Am I truly loyal to God?


I need to persevere;

I must not give up;

I must keep check on my tendency to be self-centered

I must keep on asking the Lord to heal me, change me, and renew me.






"Late have I loved You,

O Beauty so ancient and so new,

late have I loved You!


You were within me,

and I was in the world outside myself.

I searched for You

in the world outside myself…

You were with me,

but I was not with You.


The beautiful things of this world

kept me far from You

and yet, if they had not been in You,

they would have no being at all.


You called me;

You cried aloud to me;

You broke my barrier of deafness;

You shone upon me;

Your radiance enveloped me;

You cured my blindness."

– St. Augustine






O Lord, my God, I love You and I want keep Your word.

Cure me, Lord, and help me with my determination to overcome my selfishness.


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